Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a M&K Freetime Feeder? How can the M&K Freetime Feeder help make your life easier? To feed your animals (or horses) when you can't be home.

  • Noon feeding to put weight on;
  • Feed in the morning, and sleep in;
  • For the evening when you can't be home;
  • Having a neiphbor watch your horses...work with their schedule.

How long have you been in business? We hasve been in business for 10 years (customers having original timer and parts).

Where are your feeders used? We have sold to all areas of U.S., including extreme heat and cold, including Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Ohio, Arizona).

Is there a warranty?
The timer has a one year warranty; whole unit warranty one year.

What is the feeder made of? Are there any sharp edges?
There are no sharp edges, made of galvanized steel for weather and long lasting.

Is it difficult to install? Easy to install on fence or in barn-just set on 22" feeder box, screw in 4 bolts, set timer and plug in.

What types of feed can be used with the feeder? Shelf has sides so will hold grain, sweet feed, cubes or hay

Do you need a timer for every feeder?
One timer will run up to 10 feeders.

How often will the feeder dispense food? One feeding within a 24 hour period



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